Epson WF-4530 vs HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Printers

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The following comparison is between Epson WF-4530 vs HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Printers. If you’re looking for hp officejet pro 8600 vs epson wf-3540 you may find it not comparable.

Epson WF-4530 vs HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Printers

Instead, WF-4530 vs HP pro 8600 comparison is far better than officejet pro 8600 vs epson wf-3540.

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Reviews of Epson WF-4530 apart from the video above

  1. This printer prints great and is easy to set up. We have had it in our office for a few months now. We just received a message saying that we need to replace the Maintenance box. However after a few days of research and calling epson… they do not offer a replacement!!! This printer requires a maintenance box to function. It is used to catch ink during print head cleans. Once it is full, you must replace it, and as of 2/7/2012, Epson does not offer a replacement for it. It looks like you can find the part from UK or AU websites, if you are willing to wait a few weeks to get it, and pay a premium for it on international shipping, then knock yourself out. I would recommend staying away from this printer until Epson has this part in…Refer to this website from epson that shows the maintenance box, T671000, but does not have an option to buy it…:


    UPDATE 8/10/2012:

    The maintenance box is now available for this printer, however it took months before even tier 2 tech support from epson knew what to tell me. I ordered two from a random website online, now epson finally is stocking them. Overall happy with this printer, chews through ink on normal mode, economy mode is very very light print. My old hp economy mode printed very fast, but a little sloppy, this seems to print no faster, just uses less ink to do it. This printer also can’t multi task. My old officejet pro, could print pages while scanning at the same time. This printer is always throwing up “print busy” messages.

    UPDATE 12/11/13

    With the maintenance box issues long gone, I would highly recommend this printer. We use it in a small office and we print about 1000 pages a week or so, sometimes more. This thing is a work horse, no doubt about it. We never use the fax function ([…] and we never print photos. Well, we print photos, but only on standard paper, on draft mode. So I can’t attest to those features, but this thing prints fast, and never fails. I would definitely recommend this printer over an HP. Ink seems to be expensive, but what else is new? I would rate this printer 5 stars, but in my opinion all printers pretty much suck, and software is a joke mostly. The software for this thing is ok, nothing fancy, but it works, which is more than I can say for HP software.

  2. I really put the printer through a tough test: I made it print over 5,000 black-text filled pages.

    Only a couple of paper jams, which weren’t really true jams, but rather miss-feeds. To fix it, all I had to do was pull out the paper tray and put it back in (there was jammed paper to remove).

    So that’s less than one in 1000 pages that had a problem.

    The only thing I didn’t thoroughly test was the fax machine. Scanning, copying, and color printing was good.

    One black ink cartridge costs about $38. It lasts 1000-1500 pages of normal text (no graphics).

Reviews of HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 apart from the video above

Good and bad review for HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 from verified Amazon buyers:

  1. I switched to HP when my Epson died after years of good service. The printer is excellent – great quality and features in a tough package. I love receiving my daily Motley Fool Newsletter from ePrint automatically. The scanner multipage feed and two-sided print is great. Installation of the hardware went according to the directions (with some guesses). The on-screen display and keyboard give me all the information needed with the WiFi connected indicator letting me know that it’s ready.

    The reason for the 3 of 5 star rating is the problems with connectivity. I use the printer via WiFi for my desktop and laptop. Frequently and intermittently, I get an error message on the laptop that print did not work. Yet while that message is staring at me in two windows, the printout is coming out just fine. Also, sometimes the scan process works great and other times it does not work at all. In both cases, the desktop does not recognize that the printer or scanner is available. This cost me over 5 hours working with the HP Help Center, to no avail. Their multitude of diagnostic software identified issues, but resolved none of them. Many ‘uninstall/reinstalls’ did nothing. Sometimes everything works perfectly; other times not at all. Also, the problem appears to be only with my desktop. The printer functions perfectly with my laptop. HP Help Center tried saying that the problem is with my desktop. They were embarrassed when I told them that it is an HP Desktop while the working laptop is a Dell. Also, these problems do not go away after switching to Ethernet from WiFi. The main difference between the laptop and desktop is that the former is on the network via WiFi while the desktop is wired to the router. It would cost me money and performance to attach the desktop via WiFi (added card), but I am curious as to whether that is the issue.

    I really don’t want to return the printer. It has all of the features and strength that I want; however, it is frustrating to not have function when you need it.

    HP needs to improve their software development! Clearly it is lacking in software quality control! Total connectivity via a home network is a complex process that HP has not yet conquered.

    UPDATE JANUARY 23, 2012:

    After over 5 hours with the HP Help Center, not arriving at a solution to the printing errors and scanning problems, I was ready to return the printer to HP. However, I persevered. The printing was perfect as long as I did not let the error messages bother me. The scanner was not functional. Then a few days ago, I came up with an idea. IPv6 has been in the news lately due to the lack of internet addresses under IPv4. I wondered if my laptop and desktop were using the same IP versions. Sue enough, the laptop that did not have problems was using IPv4 and the desktop had IPv4 and IPv6 activated. So, I disabled IPv6. Ever since, the printing errors have disappeared and the scanning functions perfectly! YEAH!

    I am not ready to declare ‘VICTORY’ yet, but after a few days, everything is still good. So, I will raise the product rating from 3 to 4. Too bad that the HP Help Center and their diagnostic software could not have saved me so many hours of frustration.

    UPDATE JANUARY 27, 2012:


    Since implementing the solution of IPv4 above, I have not seen a single error message for print or scan. The device is working just great. At some point, after a long period of stability, I may test whether IPv6 alone works as well as IPv4 on a home IPv4 network. For now, I am enjoying the printer. I hope that you do not have to suffer my experience.

  2. So let me first start off with the only good note on this printer, like the other reviews it is extremely easy to setup the wireless printing feature on this printer and the printer itself prints nicely even in draft mode. HOWEVER, this printer is a complete disaster from a user perspective. Unless you have an endless money supply and don’t mind stock piling plenty of replacement cartridges.

    This printer is the last straw for me in purchasing HP Inkjet Printer products. This printer’s design clearly shows the number one motivation of HP, revenue over customer satisfaction.

    There are two completely unacceptable functional designs in this printer.

    1. Each time you install a new inkjet cartridge the printer goes through a “printer initializing” process. During this process the program sucks 10% of the remaining ink cartridges installed. So if you replace each of the four cartridges over a one week period without printing a single page each of the remaining cartridges will contain 30% less ink once the last cartridge is installed. This means that you basically have to replace all cartridges at the same time unless you don’t mind wasting 30% of your ink.

    2. The MOST FRUSTRATING PART OF THIS PRINTER is the fact that you CANNOT PRINT unless all cartridges are full.

    So I am getting ready for a critical meeting in 1 hour, I need to print a multi-million dollar proposal for my top client for this meeting. I know I have plenty of black ink because I installed a new cartridge yesterday. I go to print this important document and the printer WILL NOT PRINT MY BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENT BECAUSE THE CYAN INK was now out of ink! Now I know for a fact that this Cyan printer cartridge contained at least 10% ink when I installed the new black ink cartridge because a ran the printer report. So now I am panicking and grab another Cyan ink cartridge that I know contained 20% of ink remaining when I replaced it. It once again goes through it “printer initializing” process and now it won’t print my BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENT because the yellow ink is now gone!!! Keep in mind the yellow ink had a little less than a 1/4 of its ink remaining before I replaced the Black ink cartridge. Now after replacing the Cyan cartridge now the yellow ink gone so I again replace it with a used cartridge that had about 1/4 remaining but after this initializing process now all color ink cartridges are completely empty. Keep in mind, during this time I haven’t been able to PRINT a single document since replacing the Black cartridge the previous day. So now I am completely out of three ink cartridges all because I changed out three cartridges.

    So now I am so frustrated I want to throw the printer out my 10 story office window, if only the window opened. In a last ditch effort I call HP Support to ask how I can bypass the color cartridges to print my black and white document. I am told by support that the printer cannot print without the color cartridges. When I ask why I am told that it is due to the printer’s high quality printing. So when I ask how in God’s name does a yellow ink cartridge impact the quality of a black and white document, I get crickets chirping from the support person until he asks if I would like to speak with a supervisor. When I say yes, he places me on hold until the system hangs up on me 5 minutes later. I call back, now I immediately ask for a supervisor. The supervisor tells me that is the way the printer is designed. It uses color ink even in black and white documents to ensure “quality” printing and says he will send me a link to contact the CEO with my comments.

    Moral of the story, NEVER buy a printer that “requires” color cartridges to print black and white documents. There is only one reason that color ink is required to print black and white and it is to sell more ink cartridges. This printer is purposefully wasting color inks in order to force the buyer to replace the cartridges as much as possible. Until HP rewrites their printer software to eliminate this wasteful ink usage I think anyone that purchases any of their inkjet printers should have their head examined. By the way I worked for HP in their Enterprise Software division so I am not just some HP hater.

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