Evasi0n iOS 6.1 Top 10 FREE Cydia Tweaks

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With the new evasi0n jailbreak being out for a few days, we have managed to bring you guys some great FREE cydia tweaks for your newly jailbroken device! For a full video, check it out here


1. NCColors

NCColors is a simple tweak giving you the option to change your Notification Center’s color to any color you’d like using the RGB sliders in the settings app.

2. Zeppelin

With Zeppelin, you are now able to change that boring old carrier logo to various of different logos. Zeppelin comes packed with a few cool logos like Apple, Android [ha] , Batman, Beats by dre, and plenty more!


3. NCSettings

With NCSettings, you are able to access useful setting toggles via Notification Center.

4. Unfold

Unfold is a very simple tweak giving you a different type of unlock look. Instead of sliding the slider to unlock, you slide the whole screen and gives you an accordion type of effect.

5. PasswordPilot

Hate always needing to type in your Apple ID password every time you want to download an app in the App Store? Look no further! PasswordPilot is here! PasswordPilot saves your password every time you need to enter your Apple ID password.

6. Pinch to Unlock

A new pinch to unlock gesture to unlock you iDevice instead of a slider to unlock.

7. NowNow

NowNow gives you the option to, in a sense, replace Siri with Google Search. Ask NowNow a question and it will google search it for you!

8. iConBounce

A simple tweak to give your icons some animation!

9. MultiStorey

With MultiStorey, you get an extra row of icons in your app switcher.

10. PodControl

Ever want to control your music with a single tap on your home screen? PodControl will do that for you giving you the play, skip, and back buttons as app icons on your homescreen.



Let us know your top favorite Cydia tweaks in the comments down below.

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