UK O2 iPhone 5 Unlock

This is service will unlock your iPhone 5 locked to UK O2 carrier. By unlocking your iPhone 5 using this service, you will be able to use any GSM SIM card worldwide, as long as the frequencies is iPhone-compatible.

This is permanent iPhone unlock, your iPhone remains unlock after iOS update, any iOS and baseband versions are supported. No need to jailbreak, no gevey, no R-SIM. Nothing required but an IMEI number of your iPhone.

The iPhone must be NOT REPORTED as stolen, lost, or blacklisted.

UK O2 iPhone 5 Unlock

UK O2 iPhone 5 Unlock

Estimate process: 7 business days.
Price: $109.49 (GET $5 CASHBACK if you want to leave feedback by using your Facebook account)
Supported models: iPhone 5
BLACKLISTED IMEI is not supported with this service.

Factory unlock your UK O2 iPhone 5 today. Simply make payment, submit your IMEI# on PayPal payment note, and wait for unlock instruction for your O2-locked iPhone. Permanent iPhone unlock with all iOS versions (including the latest iOS 6) and all baseband versions.

See the full lists of supported carriers on SenseiPhone Factory Unlock service here.

Payment will be processed through PayPal, worldwide secure online payment. We also accept Western Union / Moneygram as Paypal’s alternative payment method (contact us for recipient’s details).

Check Service Status on before purchasing this unlock service.

If you have any question(s), do not hesitate to contact us.

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One thought on “UK O2 iPhone 5 Unlock

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hello! I bought a iPhone 5 via eBay that I thought was unlocked but as i turns out, it wasnt. So when I tried to get it to work I did a factory reset on it. Will it still work with your factory unlock? Since I erased all information and everything and no one has used it since that because I onyl have swedish sim-cards and no O2 that I can test with?,


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