USA Sprint iPhone 5 Unlock

Unlocking Sprint iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S is no longer supported since December 2012. Only X-SIM solution working so far + patch in case outgoing SMS and 3G not working well, which usually happen for CDMA iPhone 4S & 5 (I would say 95% CDMA iPhone will have this trouble).

Purchase X-SIM here:

This service will factory unlock US Sprint iPhone 5 permanently. We are the leader of Sprint iPhone 5 unlock and have the best price with the best service! Factory unlock your Sprint iPhone 5 now before the price goes up. Please activate your Sprint iPhone 5 before send the IMEI to be unlocked.

Factory Unlock US Sprint iPhone 5 by IMEI. This is permanent iPhone 5 Unlock Service without gevey, no need to jailbreak. Buy Now with confidence, money back guarantee if your iPhone 5 cannot be unlocked within the estimated days of process.

Sprint iPhone5 Unlock
Sprint iPhone5 Unlock

Estimate process: up to 5 business days. Do NOT purchase if you cannot wait that long.
Price: $144.89 (GET $4.89 CASHBACK if you write a short review using your Facebook account regarding our Sprint iPhone IMEI Unlock service). Register on and get a cheaper price for Sprint iPhone 5 Unlock!
Supported models: iPhone 5
Sprint iPhone 5 with Bad ESN NOT SUPPORTED!


Once your Sprint iPhone 5 has been unlocked, you will NOT be able to use it with any US SIM. This service ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WILL USE the iPhone OVERSEAS (outside The United States).
ONLY TESTED ON GSM, we have NOT tested the iPhone 5 on any CDMA worldwide network.

This service will unlock your iPhone 5 which is locked to US Sprint carrier.
Factory unlock your US Sprint iPhone 5 easily today. Simply make payment, submit your IMEI# on PayPal payment note, and wait for unlock instruction for your Sprint-locked iPhone 5. Permanent iPhone 5 unlock with all iOS versions (including the latest iOS 6) and all baseband versions.

See the full lists of supported carriers on SenseiPhone Factory Unlock service here.

Payment will be processed through PayPal, worldwide secure online payment. We also accept Western Union / Moneygram as Paypal’s alternative payment method (contact us for recipient’s details).

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