“Find my Friends” iPhone app, how-to use it?

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Find my Friends iPhone app, how-to use it?

Find My Friends app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is free iOS app that came along with the release of iOS 5. It is another fun and useful app created by Apple that allows you to share location with friends and let them to figure out your exact location.

Find My Friends app

Find My Friends app

With Find My Friends app, you can choose to temporarily share your location with a group of people. It’s perfect for a weekend camping trip or a day at the amusement park. Share locations for a couple of hours — or a couple of weeks. When the trip is over, the sharing ends, too.

And parental restrictions also help you manage how your children use Find My Friends on iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch. Controls are quick and easy to set up and require a password to override your settings. That way your kids can have fun — and you can make sure they stay safe.

Find My Friends uses a leather-like skeumorphic user-interface, creating a warm and friendly look. The main app screen is designed with four main menu:

  1. All, which shows all of your friends who are using the app and have given you permission to see their location;
  2. Temporary, used to invite friends to temporarily share their locations;
  3. Me, which lets you hide from followers and set labels for various locations; and
  4. Requests, an inbox for all incoming friend requests.

Once a friend has allowed you to find his or her location, their name appears on the All page along with a small green “mileage sign” that shows approximately how far away they are. A tap on their name brings up the Info page, showing their current location, their address, and other contact information. At the bottom of the page are buttons for sending an iMessage to your friend or getting directions to their location.

Everything you need to know about setting up and using iCloud’s location-basded meet-up service, Find my Friends.

How to set up Find my Friends on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Just like Find my iPhone, Find my Friends is a free from Apple and available on the App Store.

Once Find my Friends is installed, it’s easy to use.

  1.     Launch Find my Friends app
  2.     Login with your Apple ID

    Login Find My Friends app

  3.    Agree to Push Notifications and Location Sharing by tapping OK.

How to add friends to Find my Friends

Before you can use Find my Friends on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you need to add some friends.

  1.     Launch Find my Friends.
  2.     Tap the + button to add friends.
  3. Add Friends on Find My Friends app

  4.     Enter the email addresses of friends you want to add and each will be sent a message

    Once a friend accepts your invitation, you can always see where they are and vice versa

How to add temporary friends and share temporary location on Find my Friends

If you only want to share your location with a friends for a limited time, use the Temporary option

  •     Launch Find my Friends
  •     Tap on the Temporary tab at the bottom.

  •     Choose how long you want to share your location for in hours, days, or weeks
  • Share your experience with Find My Friends app, let us know if you have any problem with Find My Friends.

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