Fix Apps stuck on “waiting” on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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Fix Apps stuck on “waiting” mode

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Are you stuck on “waiting” mode while downloading or updating iOS apps?
iOS apps which stuck on waiting are not limited to specific apps, but it could be happen on any iOS apps on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

In most cases, stuck on waiting to install caused by connectivity, either on Apple’s side or your side (3G or Wi-Fi), could be caused by iOS bug/glitch itself.

So, here is a few handy tips to fix apps stuck on waiting (you should try this method one by one). Don’t forget to tell me which way is work for you by dropping the comment.

  1. Try to pause the progress by tapping on “waiting” apps’ icon.
  2. If you’re currently downloading or updating multiple apps, let it running updates for 1 app only.
  3. Restart the iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone. Hold power button → slide to power off.
  4. Hard reset the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad mostly fixes stuck waiting mode. Press Home+Power button together until the device turned off. Then turn it back on (without using slide to power off method).
  5. Connect the device to iTunes and try to download the apps from iTunes.
  6. Deleting the app from the iTunes Apps tab then re-add them and resync.
  7. If you are stuck on waiting mode while using Wi-Fi, try to turn off & turn on Wi-Fi
  8. If you are stuck on waiting mode while using Wi-Fi, try to turn off the Wi-Fi and use another Wi-Fi network.
  9. Turn on Wi-Fi → Turn Off → sync with iTunes
  10. Open iTunes on computer → Downloads → Stop stuck Podcast downloads. You may try with either the device not connected or connected.
  11. Clear iTunes download list.
  12. Turn on AirPlane mode and Turn on the Wi-Fi to update/download apps through Wi-Fi only. Continue by tapping the stuck apps.
  13. Turn on Ping in Settings → General → Restrictions

apps waiting stuck

Any of these methods has been tested by folks who suffered from stuck on “waiting” apps issue.

If have your own way to fix apps stuck on waiting, please share on the comment form below.

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