How to Fix iPhone Bad ESN and Blacklisted IMEI

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How to Fix iPhone Bad ESN and Blacklisted IMEI Problem

There are people who experience the bad ESN or having blacklisted IMEI / barred IMEI on their iPhone. It can be a major problem, but apparently there are people with solutions to fix iphone bad esn or blacklisted IMEI problems.

If it’s Verizon iPhone, you can fix verizon bad esn iPhone here

Fix Bad ESN Verizon iPhone 4S/4

Fix Bad ESN Verizon iPhone 4S/4

The indication that the iPhone is having blacklisted IMEI or bad ESN is the absence of signal from the carrier. It can happen right after the purchase or several days after the iPhone is having normal function. Whenever there is no hardware related problem; the blacklisted IMEI or bad ESN is the possible cause for the absence of the signal from the carrier or provider.

There are several possible solutions to fix iphone bad esn problem or to deal with the situation. The first and the simplest option is to ask refund from the store or seller where the new iPhone was purchased. There will be replacement or solution provided by the seller for solving the blacklisted IMEI or bad ESN problem.

Any iPhone buyers who get the used iPhone from eBay may follow the refund procedures in order getting the money back. Those who purchase the used iPhone from other sources may have the refund problem, but there are options to ensure the iPhone is delivering functions for the user like installing more games on the iPhone.

The iPhone with bad ESN or blacklisted IMEI from the carrier will be unable to make the call from it; it is possible to clean the bad ESN for some cases like the possibility to clean the bad Esn on Verizon network for lost or stolen Verizon iPhone.

There is a procedure to fix iPhone bad esn that the iPhone owner can do to retain the services for Verizon after the iPhone was lost or stolen. Unfortunately, the option may not available on other carriers or service providers like Sprint, but the use of GPP can be the simple choice to unlock the iPhone and made it usable again.

The use of GPP SIM to fix iphone bad ESN is apparently a smart idea; it can be the simplest solution to unlock the carrier and made the iPhone usable again.

As alternative to GPP, you may also use R-SIM, X-SIM, Falwok, or any other similar stuff.

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There are GPP activation codes and GPP unlock SIM that any iPhone owner can choose for solving the blacklisted IMEI or the bad ESN problem. It is a cheaper solution rather than purchasing the new iPhone to acquire its functions for communication and other utilities.

Fix Bad ESN with GPP

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