Fix: evasi0n Stuck on Configuring System 2/2

Fix: evasi0n Stuck on Configuring System 2/2

If you need help with evasi0n which is stuck on Configuring System 2/2 progress, try these tips below.

Fix: evasi0n Stuck on Configuring System 2/2

Most users which got evasi0n stuck on configuring system while jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone/iPod/iPad were using slow machine / computer or may be virtual box (like VMWare) with low spec settings.

So, the first step to fix evasi0n stuck on configuring error is by using a faster computer. This solution is definitely helpful and proven.
pod2g also told people who got their evasi0n7 stuck the same thing over and over again, use a faster computer.

However, if you don’t have any other PC / Notebook with a better specification around you, simply follow these steps to make the evasi0n has a higher priority in the system.

1. Run evasi0n (Don’t plug-in your iPhone now)
2. Start a Windows Task Manager
3. On process tab right click on evasi0n process
4. Click Set priority
5. Set it to high,

Now you can plug in your iPhone and start jailbreak.

It should work with you.

This error was simply a lack of resources of your computer instead of technical issue.

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