How to Fix the iPhone Camera (Back and Front Cameras)

How to Fix the front and back iPhone Camera?

We are going to discuss hot topic of how to fix iphone camera. iPhone is very good phone with the great features. Many people will choose the iPhone than the other devices, because they like the design and the simple features from the phone.
Some people will say that the other brands are better, because they are using the better processor or the bigger battery. However, the iPhone does not have the big battery or the fast processor, but the performance of the iPhone devices is better than the performance of competitors. With the simple features of the iPhone, many people with many different ages are able to use the phone. It does not take the long time to learn how to use the iPhone. Besides, the quality of the pictures taken by the camera of iPhone is amazing. You can produce many kinds of the great pictures with your iPhone. Maybe the sizes of the pictures taken by the iPhone are smaller than the other pictures taken by the competitors.

However, the quality of pictures taken by the iPhone is still better than the quality of other pictures taken by the competitors. Because of that, many people will choose iPhone as their primary phone.
However, if you find problems with the camera of your iPhone, you have to repair it quickly. If you ignore the problems, you will get the worse problems from the camera of your iPhone. Because of that reason, we are going to talk about how to fix iphone camera in this article. You do not need the special skills to fix the camera of your iPhone, because you just need the will to process the reparation of the iPhone.

The Steps of Fixing iPhone Camera

If you cannot use the camera of your iPhone, you do not need to be panic.

  • You should check the restriction setting of the iPhone. Many people accidentally changed the restriction setting, so they cannot use the camera app of their iPhone. In the setting menu, you should allow the camera app to operate. If you do not allow the camera app to operate, you will not be able to use the app. Many people consider this condition as the broken condition, because they do not understand the restriction setting. You can disable the restriction of the device to get the easier way of operating the iPhone.

    Make sure the CAMERA is switched ON so you are allowed to use iPhone camera. Easy fix, huh?

  • If you do not get the working camera app, you can restart your device.
  • However, if you still cannot use the app, you may want to fix the hardware of your iPhone.
    It is not hard to fix the camera hardware of your iPhone. Usually, people will need to change the camera assembly of their iPhone to get the camera fixed.

    It is not hard to do, but you have to open the back case of your iPhone. People will choose to ask the reparation service, because they are afraid of opening the back case of their iPhone. There are many guide of how to fix iphone camera in the internet.

    However, the easiest way to repair it is to replace the camera assembly. Detailed guide in the video:

    Get your iPhone Repair Toolkit ready first. Grab your own tools here: Olympia Tools 88-670 iWork 15-Piece Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit

    • We just need to open the back case of the iPhone using the right screwdriver. Many people consider the pentalobe screwdrivers as the best tool to open the back cover of the iPhone.
    • You can carefully remove the battery and the other components of the iPhone.
    • After you replace the camera assembly with the new one, you can put the other components back at their places and put the back case on your iPhone. You have to make sure that you put the components and the back case properly.
    • The last thing you should do is to check the work of the camera on your iPhone.

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