iPhone Dropped in Water

How to Fix iPhone Dropped in Water?

How to Fix iPhone Dropped in Water?

iPhone Dropped in Water
iPhone Dropped in Water

In this article, we are going to talk about the right ways to fix the iPhone that is dropped in water. Many people have this problem, but they do not know the solution. They consider their iPhone as the dead phone and DO NOT WANT TO FIX IT, because they have the opinion that the random ways to fix their iPhone will give damages that are more serious.

However, it is not true AT ALL.

You have to try it yourself, because it is possible to fix your dropped-in-water iPhone. Many people have tried this method and most of them succeeded in repairing their dropped-in-water iPhone. We are going to discuss about the right ways to fix iphone dropped in water.

The Tutorial to Fix the Wet iPhone

The most common mistake that many people have made is to turn on their phone to check whether their phones still in the good condition or not. This decision is VERY WRONG. DON’T DO THIS IF your iPhone fell into the water just now.

The wet phones and most electronic devices are very dangerous and they have very high chance to be shorting in circuit. Because of that, if you have the condition of the wet iPhone, you have to be patient to turn your iPhone on. You have to remove all of the liquid inside and outside area of your iPhone before you try to switch the iPhone on.

  1. If you turn your iPhone on, you will break the iPhone, because it will short-circuit in very fast way. This condition will burn the motherboard of your iPhone, and losing the motherboard is the same like losing your phone.
  2. You have to understand that you have to dry your iPhone before you proceed to the next step. It is very important to make sure that you have dried your iPhone 100% before you can fix waterlogged iPhone.

  3. Because of that, you can look for the right screwdriver to open your iPhone and open it up.

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    If you do not know the position of the screws, you can find them at the bottom of your iPhone. Many people find that the pentalobe screwdrivers will work the best to open their iPhones. However, if you have the difficulty to open the back cover of the iPhone, you can skip the opening thing. If you can open the back case of the iPhone, you will get the higher chance to fix iPhone dropped in water. It will help you to make your iPhone dry completely.

  4. If you can open the back casing of your iPhone!
    The next step is to remove the battery, motherboard, and any other components of your iPhone. With the opened case of the iPhone, you can have the better chance to clean and dry the components of your iPhone. However, some people do not like to do this thing, because they are not familiar with the iPhone components at all. They will choose to keep the back case of the phone to stay on its place. This decision will give the lower success rate of repairing the wet iPhone.
  5. After you do all of the above steps, you can place your iPhone in a Tupperware with silica gel.

    Leave the iPhone for one or two days and let the silica gel process the drying. If you opened the back case of your iPhone, you just need to place the battery and other components of your iPhone. After you wait for two days, you can turn your iPhone on and see whether your iPhone is fixed or not. If you see the problems with the LCD, you cannot do anything than replace the LCD of your iPhone. It is very sensitive with water, so people will find their LCDs have the problems with the water.

The other solution in this video, by replacing iPhone battery. Get original iPhone battery

Tell us how did you fix your water-damaged iPhone on the comment box below.

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