iTunes Error

Fix iPhone Error 13136

Fix iPhone Error 13136

Getting iPhone Error 13136 on your computer? This could be happen in both Windows and Mac after updating iOS software or iTunes software.

The iPhone cannot be synced.
An unknown error occurred (13136).

iTunes Error

There are several methods to fix iPhone Error 13136

  1. How-to fix “iPhone Error 13136” #1:
    Try to update your installed iTunes and make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. How-to fix “iPhone Error 13136” #2:
    If the solution#1 doesnt fix your problem, quit and reopen iTunes. If the issue continues, then restart your Windows/Mac OS.
  3. How-to fix “iPhone Error 13136” #3:
    If you’re still getting The iPhone cannot be synced An unknown error occurred (13136), please follow this step:

    – Quit iTunes
    – Disable anti-virus or any security software on your computer
    – Reopen iTunes
    – Try to sync your device.

    If iTunes successfully syncs your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it means that the antivirus software is causing the “iPhone Error 13136”.

  4. How-to fix “iPhone Error 13136” #4:
    If none of steps above worked, turn off Genius in iTunes in the Genius sidebar (choose View → Hide Genius Sidebar).
  • How-to fix “iPhone Error 13136” #5:
    Last but not least, this trick should be working to “fix iPhone Error 13136”

    1. Unplug your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and turn it OFF. Hold the power button at the top until the red slider (slide to power off) appears and power it down completely.
    2. Quit iTunes on your computer
    3. Reopen iTunes
    4. Plug in iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – DO NOT TURN IT ON FIRST. Make sure it’s still turned OFF.
    5. Should sync normally

  • If you found any other method to fix iPhone Error 13136, please post it on the comment section below.

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