iPhone 4 Headphone Audio Jack

How to Fix iPhone Headphone Jack

Sometimes, the problem that is commonly experienced by the iPhone users related to the headphone jack by finding the earpiece no longer works so that they can only use the speakerphone or earphones.

iPhone 4 Headphone Audio Jack

This issue can be annoying for some people. The problem needs to be diagnosed to find what the main cause of the issue but do this at home can also be done. Headphone jack problem can be caused by two factors that are software and hardware problem. Some cases of no longer work of headphone jack is happened after updating the software whereas other ones because of the hardware issues.

  • If the problem related the software issues, you need to do the backup and restoring iOS software. It will cause the data loss if you don’t perform iPhone backup –BE WARNED, but if you are not sure to do this, it is better to check the hardware first.
  • Dealing with how to fix iphone headphone jack is about outside factors of the surroundings. Dust and small dirt can be trapped inside the jacks and it will block the jack sensor component in connecting to the device. This problem is not only happened for iPhone headphone but also for any headphones such as laptop or music player’s devices. For hand phone when you put it in the pocket, the dirt of the pocket can easily enter the jack and piled up there. As the result, the dirt will block the sensor and component.

    The suggestion when you face the hardware problem for the headphone jack of your iPhone, you can clean the jacks on your own but you need to be very careful and you should know the risk yourself because your action may not be recommended but sometimes, the cleaning project works well. The concept is by cleaning the dirt and dust that may block the sensor of the jack. It will involve the cotton bud and alcohol to clean and do not use water because water will create the corrosion and damage the inside components.

    Cleaning up iPhone audio jack guide

    If the cleaning project has been done, then try do restart the device before try using the headphone. If there is no change and the headphone still does not work, then just do the restore process. The step related to the hardware problem has purpose to avoid the data loss after restoring. Nonetheless, if the cleaning process of the jack has no result, it seems that the restore is another solution. Besides that, you need to check the sound setting and check for software update to ensure the software is the latest version.

  • The other thing you can do, if it’s permanent hardware failure, get it repaired. You can follow this DIY iPhone audio jack repair or get it repaired nearby mobile repair shop.

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