How to Fix iPhone Proximity Sensor Problem with Simple Tricks

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How to Fix iPhone Proximity Sensor Problem with Simple Tricks

There are common problems as well as bugs that any iPhone users may encounter. Some of the problems may have simple solutions, but some other problems may require the assistance of hardware technician for solving the problem. The iPhone proximity sensor is one of the elements of the smart phone that may cause specific problems. It is a common issue related to the screen replacement or installation.

How to fix iphone proximity sensor information can be very essential for supporting and helping any iPhone users to fix the problem with simpler solutions.

One of the steps to fix iphone proximity sensor is determining the cause or the causes of the error or malfunction. The foam that surrounds the proximity sensor and the light sensor is one of the suspects that trigger the proximity sensor error or problem. The position and condition of the foam may affect the ability of the proximity sensor to disable the screen when the phone is used and being hold or put near the ear. It is recommended to check the condition and the installation of the foam and the sensors when there is problem to the proximity sensor. The proximity sensor is located above right of the ear speaker.

The changes of the proximity sensor window as well as the updates of the software may affect the function of the proximity sensor and trigger the problem. There are simple methods to fix iphone proximity sensor that anyone can do like in an emergency situation. The use of permanent black marker and apply several layers of black color to the back side of the sensor is one of the possible tricks for solving the proximity sensor problem during an emergency situation. The applied black layers from the marker may set the sensor on to prevent the active screen when the iPhone is used for telephone communication.

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The use of proximity sensor repair lens is another simple solution to fix iPhone proximity sensor problem; it is a common item that any iPhone users can find at authorized iPhone dealers. It is practically a cheap item that can be very useful for getting the function of the proximity sensor back. The foam replacement is another possible solution when the condition of the supporting foam is damaged or in bad condition. The software restores or to reset the iPhone is another possible solution when the hardware related solutions unable to solve the proximity sensor problem.


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