Fix iPhone Voicemail

Fix iPhone Voicemail, Some Simple Tips

How to Fix iPhone Voicemail Problem with Simple Steps

Fix iPhone Voicemail

The voicemail problem is one of the common problems for the mobile phone users; the similar problem is apparently happened to the iPhone users that their voicemail feature is not working properly. There are simple tips to fix iphone voicemail that any iPhone users can try for the first aid solution in solving the malfunction iPhone voicemail. The first thing to do is to diagnose the cause or the causes of the voicemail malfunction; the properly diagnosed problem may affect the proper solution for fixing the problem as well.

There are common issues related to the iPhone voicemail becomes not working

  • The first common problem is the iPhone calls for the voicemail when the user is tapping the voicemail button instead of providing the visual voicemail list on the iPhone screen. The appearance of multiple or duplicated voicemail messages are another common voicemail problem.
  • The next common problem is the iPhone user unable to listen to the voicemail message after tapping the message. The voice mail alert malfunction is another common problem as well as the unavailability of leaving voicemail message from caller.

Here are tips to fix iPhone voicemail when those problems are diagnosed.

– The first thing to do for doing the further diagnostic of the possible problem is to restart the iPhone and check the setting update of the carrier or provider.
– It is also recommended to update the version of the iOS.
– The voice mailbox setup is another important thing to check and verify by dialing the number.
– It is also important to ensure that the cellular network is working properly.

Those solutions may fix iphone voicemail problem caused by software malfunction, connection problem or operating system related problems.

– Another common problem of visual voicemail malfunction is triggered by the installation of 3.0 tethering hack.
– It is recommended to check the received voicemal messages by checking the voicemail manually. Dial the phone number from the iPhone and press 1 for checking the message.
– One of the simplest solution to fix iphone voicemail is basically to reset the network setting by navigating to the iPhone Settings > General > Reset to see the reset network setting option.
The iPhone will restart and the visual voicemail is usually working properly right after the gadget is restarted.

– The other solution is practically about to reset the .ipcc or the carrier settings file that is usually altered by the installation of the tethering hack application.

It should be working fine with voicemail on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS etc.

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