iPhone with no rice

How to Fix iPhone Water Damage without Rice Treatment

How to Fix iPhone Water Damage without Rice Treatment

iPhone with no rice

Water is one of the hazardous materials for electronic component; it can cause short circuit problem as well as damaging the components due to its corrosive nature. Some people may have the experience of getting their iPhone wet on the beach, swimming pool or in the washing machine. The information that the wet iPhone should be stored in the rice container or zip-lock bag filled with rice is probably one of the hottest solutions offered by most people, but apparently there are people with unhappy ending after treating their wet iPhone with rice.

In the past, we showed you how to deal with waterdropped iPod Touch: First Aid for iPod Touch Water Damage

The following fix iphone water damage without rice tip is another possible choice for saving the wet iPhone after water related incidents.

Apparently, the rice bag solution can be the solution for the light wet iPhone cases, but it is recommended not to rely on the rice bag or container treatment for any wet cases since the more the iPhone in the wet or humid condition it will have more risks of corroded.

  • One of the most important things about how to fix iphone water damage without rice tips is NOT TO to try to turn the iPhone on since it will trigger the short circuit that may damage various iPhone elements and the electronic components.
  • The next thing about how to fix iphone water damage without rice tips is to clean and dry the water from the gadget as soon and as quickly as possible. Over time, the more it isn’t treated and removed, the more it has time to damage your motherboard.
    It is recommended to wipe and dry the iPhone with clean towel or microfiber cloth; try to avoid pressing any buttons while cleaning and drying the gadget.
  • The next thing to do is remove any removable parts like the battery, front or back cases and also the cards; dry all of the removable parts separately to accelerate the process of drying.
    iPhone teardown being dried
    iPhone teardown being dried. Image source: iFixIt
  • The how to fix iphone water damage without rice solution may involve other materials to assist the drying process of the wet gadget. The use of beads with microscopic pores to get the water and humidity out of the gadget is a smart idea; the use of hair dryer to make the wet gadget warm and vaporize the water from the iPhone is another smart idea. It is recommended to keep the temperature of the dryer warm to prevent overheating on the dried iPhone.

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