Fix iPhone 4 Home Button

How to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button. DIY Repair

How to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button. DIY repair guide.

In this article, we are going to talk about the topic about fixing iPhone 4 home button. The iPhone 4 is better than the old iPhone. People like the design of the iPhone 4 better than the old iPhone, because the use of the metal material.

Fix iPhone 4 Home Button

Before the 4th generation of the iPhone, Apple use the plastic materials to make their iPhone. Since the iPhone 4, Apple changes the material with the metal material. This will boost the elegance look of the iPhone users, because the metal materials are better than the plastic materials. Besides, the camera of the iPhone 4 is much better compared to the camera on the older generation. People will be able to take the beautiful pictures through their phones.

However, many users find the troubles of this new device. It is the home button of the iPhone. With the simple design of the single button as the primary button, iPhone users will use the home button very often. Because of that reason, the home button in many iPhones is easy to broken. People find the dysfunction of the home button on their iPhones. If you worry about this problem, you should be calm down. There is the solution of this problem. You just need to find the tutorial about how to fix iPhone 4 home button.

Step to Fix iPhone 4 Home Button

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The home button of an iPhone 4 is not easy to be broken. However, some people use this button too much, so they broke the button and they have to push the button harder to make it works. If this condition is getting worse, you have to open the case of your iPhone and check the condition of your home button. However, the iPhone 4 case is not the same like the regular case of the other phones. You have to open the case using the screwdrivers.

Apple chose to use the body that cannot be open easily, because they do not want their user to get the difficulty of replacing the battery ant the other component. Besides, it will boost the elegance look of the phone. Because of that, we cannot easily open the case of the iPhone 4 like the other phones on the market.

If you want to get the best method of how to fix iPhone 4 home button, you have to find the pentalobe screwdrivers to open the back case.

After you open the back case and check the condition of the home button, you can fix the home button or replace it with the new one. Usually, the broken home button needs the replacement, because the condition is not good any more.

The rapid use of the home button will break the home button in the faster way. However, you should be careful to take the components of the iPhone 4.
There are several main components in the iPhone 4. They are the motherboard, battery, and the LCD of the iPhone 4.

After you replace the new home button, you have to be careful to put the back case right in its place. The wrong method of putting the back case back to the iPhone 4 will give you the big possibility to break the iPhone.

The replacement of the home button is not easy to do. You have to do it with the high level of concentrate. If you do not have the skills to unpack and pack the iPhone, you should not do this repair by your own. You can ask the professional service to replace the home button of your iPhone. You just need to find the right seller and the right service to do the repairmen process.

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