Fix iPhone 4S Screen

How-to Fix iPhone 4S Screen (Detailed Video)

iPhones are delicate and are required to be dealt with care. But then there might be instances wherein you might have dropped your iPhone by just slipping from your hand or dropped your iPhone while removing from your pockets. During first drops you might not get any sense of crack of screen as well as LCD panel, but then it can happen. So what to do?

Here is the guide that will help you how to fix iPhone 4S screen / cracked front panel / a broken LCD. It’s an excellent guide, even if you are a new into this thing, it may only take approximately 2 hours. But be careful and follow the steps as prescribed.

If at the first time turning on the iPhone and it couldn’t find any network (carrier), don’t get shocked. A few reboots later and after setting time and date it was fine.

Fix iPhone 4S Screen
Fix iPhone 4S Screen

After successfully fixing iPhone 4S screen, protect your new display from scratches by installing a screen protector

Tools required to fix iPhone 4S screen:

1. Standard Flat Head Screwdriver
2. Pentalobe Screwdriver
3. Philips Head Screwdriver
4. Nylon Spudger
5. Gear Blade Knife
6. Tweezers

Watch this video to see the details how-to fix your iPhone 4S screen

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