How-To Fix iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

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Apple has loads of innovations on its devices. With Apple adding too much technical advancement to the mobile devices and tablets, there are also problems that arise. One of them is the screen scanner not working perfectly. The Touch ID finger print scanner has taken the devices to a new level. Initially, the security meant that the password can be created for the device. In case, if the device is stolen, you can track the same with the app meant for the purpose. The Touch ID fingerprint has made sure that the security has been greatly enhanced.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Not Working? How-to fix it?
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What can you do if the iPhone Touch ID not working? If the button couldn’t be used to unlock the iPhone screen, here are quick few steps which will help you to fix your iPhone 5S finger scanner :

Step 1: All you need to do is to simply press and hold the button for a few seconds. You can get this from the iTunes store and you can also see that you never need to retype the password when you use the Touch ID feature of Apple. This feature is however available only in iOS 7.1 and the iPhone 5S devices. You would feel like incorporating the feature in everything you use from the mobile devices to your car. But what happens when you see that this feature does not work?

Step 2: The major problem is that you never get to know why the Touch ID scanner does not work. You need to understand the logic that works behind this operation. You key in the finger print, which is noted as a mathematical picture and the same is sent to the phone, which either sends a Yes token or a No token based on the result.

Step 3: When you set up the finger print ID, make sure you make use of the entire space on the screen. When the entire finger is scanned on the first page, see to that the second stage captures all the edges. This is because you would be using it from any of the angles. Imagine yourself using it while you are speaking to someone or while your morning coffee. You cannot be always in the same position, so keep this in mind when you set up the finger print.

Step 4: When you use the phone and unlock it, make sure there is no sweat. This is not only for your fingers but also for your phone screen. Even dust can interfere. Nothing should be there between you and your phone’s screen. If you find the button not working properly, then wipe the fingers and the button. Then start trying again.

Here are few quick steps for setting up your fingerprint :

Step 1: The best way to stop the program recurring is to delete the finger print you have registered. Now, register the fingerprint again. The whole chaotic process can be stopped when you try this. You would be starting from the beginning.

Step 2: Also, try using the same finger in various styles, like upside down etc. Also, you can register more than one finger. For most of the users, with these options, the Touch ID works at least more than 90% of the time instantly. When you face troubles using it try fixing with these ideas.

Some videos regarding iPhone Fingerprint.

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Scratches will make your Touch ID Not Recognized

If the tips mentioned above didn’t help you at all, try these fixes.

How-To Fix iPhone 5S finger Scanner

1. Make sure that iPhone Unlock option is enabled, which can be found under the Touch ID & Password section of the Settings app. It’s due iOS 7.1 that turned off the iPhone Unlock option since iOS 7.1 update (as reported some users)

2. My fix, which hopefully works for others: Use a thicker part of the finger.

It didn’t take much, just stay away from the end of the finger. I also moved more during training than the “move slightly” prompt you get if you don’t move enough.

Source: Apple Discussions Forum

3. Delete the current saved fingerprints from the Settings and re-add the touch ID again. Here is the steps:

– Tap Settings.
– Tap on Touch ID & Passcode.
– Enter your Passcode.
– Tap Fingerprints and then tap on Delete Fingerprint.
– Now, tap on Add a Fingerprint and complete the process of the adding the fingerprint again.

4. If the issue persists, try restoring the iPhone 5s from a previous back-up.

– Plug in the iPhone 5s into the computer and open iTunes app (if it’s not opening automatically)
– After choosing the iPhone in the top right corner, click Restore iPhone button.
– After deciding whether you want to back-up your device, click on Restore and Update on the next popup.

If none of the steps fix your iPhone 5S problem, the only option remains for the users is to speak to Apple for further assistance, getting it repaired or even replaced, if necessary.

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