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Fix Jailbreak Detected on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and you’re unable to run several apps due to integrated jailbreak detection feature inside the apps, you’ll need to keep reading this guide to fix jailbreak detected issue on your favorite apps such as LoveFilm, SkyGo, DirecTV iPad and much more apps.

Jailbreak Detected SkyGo, Lovefilm, Voddler, Kaching, Barclays Pingit, Square, Verizon FlexView, Flixster, Cox, and Capital One UK, TomTom, DTV iPad, DirecTV iPad, Maxis Movies, Good For Enterprise, AlwaysOnPC, Optimum

  • Search and Install from Cydia a package called xCon.
  • Once you have installed xCon, simply reboot the apps that was previously alerting you with Jailbreak Detected message.

If you still getting Jailbreak Detected alert after installing xCon cydia tweak, the apps you’re trying to run may not be supported yet.

Here is what can xCon do for you:

Fix Lovefilm jailbreak
Fix Voddler jailbreak
Fix Kaching jailbreak
Fix Barclays Pingit jailbreak
Fix Square jailbreak
Fix Verizon FlexView jailbreak
Fix Flixster jailbreak
Fix Cox jailbreak
Fix Capital One UK jailbreak
Fix SkyGo jailbreak
Fix DirecTV (DTV) iPad jailbreak
Fix Maxis Movies jailbreak
Fix DirecTV Nomad jailbreak
Good For Enterprise, AlwaysOnPC, “Fake” support for Skype, Optimum apps
, and more apps with jailbreak detected error message can be fixed with xCon.

In case you’re still having Jailbreak Detected issue on your favorite apps, please mention the app name on the comment below.

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