How to Fix Red Pocket MMS on iPhone

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iPhone is known as the best technology phone device in this world. The high demand over these products has shown its good specification to support the people’s activities. It is also because of many features that are offered by the Apple Company through the iPhone.

How to Fix Red Pocket MMS on iPhone

You can simply find the music player, video player, front and back camera with high resolution, wifi device, built-in storage, browser, and many more. As it is good for people, the iPhone also offers the MMS feature. But, somehow, this feature is usually broke as it could not operate well. For that, I will share some information about the tips to fix mms iphone red pocket and to reconfigure the MMS settings so that you can use this feature for supporting your activity.

    · There are many configuration settings that could be applied for fixing the MMS feature.

    · You can change your current network profile. Before you uninstall the current profile, you can check the current setting by went into Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network and make sure what is the domain of the APN. On iOS 7, it can be configured from Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Network.

    · If the way is still not solving the problem, you can change the APN setting from the wap.cingular to isp. It is because sometimes the wap.cingular is not able to send MMS while the isp. domain will surely make everything work well.

    · Or, you can perhaps try to remove the custom APN profile and went back into the “Cellular Data Network”. Next, you should change the Cellular Data into “Phone”. Then, change the domain into att.mvno. So that, the settings will be like this:

    APN: att.mvno
    Mms: proxy
    Mms: max massage 1048576

    Watch the video to install Red Pocket MMS settings manually

    · The easiest way is to use web service like to install the APN and MMS settings.

    Watch the video to install Red Pocket MMS settings via

    · If the problem is still not solved, it is better for you to bring your iPhone to the Apple Store and do not forget to use the warranty card if it is still valid to be used.

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