Mute / Rotation Lock side Switch on iPad

iPad No Sound in Some Apps or Games? Do This to Fix it!

When you realize that your iPad has no sound in games, buuuuut the iPad has sound on videos, Music, etc you may be confused what to do. Don’t worry, here are the simple steps you need to do to fix iPad without sound in games and apps.

If you have the same issue… iPad no sound on games, make sure:

  1. The volume button is ON (not muted). Check the silent switch on the edge, if you see the red dot, means your iPad is muted. Switch it up to disable iPad silent mode.
    Mute / Rotation Lock side Switch on iPad
  2. If the silent switch is disabled but the iPad still has no sound, make sure the setting is set to Mute, not Rotation lock.
    Since iOS 4.2 you can set the behavior of the button to a mute switch or rotation lock switch. It still the same within iOS 7.

    You can change the function of the swith by navigating Settings > General.
    Under Use Side Switch To, select Mute.

    Set Switch Side to Mute to fix iPad sound

    Enabling Mute if the Side Switch is set to Lock Rotation

    • Swipe up along the bottom of the screen to display Control Center (you can do this from any screen, including the Lock screen).
    • Tap the Mute button.
    • The Mute button will appear highlighted.

      iPad Mute button in Control Center

  3. Also try to switch the side switch to “Mute”, turned it on, turned it off, and back to lock “rotate” (still off, though.) Now the iPad sound in games works.
  4. None of above trick worked? Try to close all background apps, retry step above, or even try to restart your iPhone.
  5. If you give up with the iPad without sound in apps and tried all of the tricks explained above, it’s time to restore iPad software. Could be a software glitch and restore will help you fixes the iPad issue without worrying about iPad hardware / parts problem.

That’s all we can tell you when your iPad get no sound in some apps / games. But when all else has been tried should immediately go to the Apple service center and get replacement –only for eligible devices. This product is already designed with special characteristics that should go to the workers who are already experts from Apple.

Check out the video below to fix iPad with no sounds in apps

We’d love to hear some comments if you have successfully fixed the iPad sound problem.

More information about the iPad side switch

Rotation Lock

Rotation Lock prevents the iPad display from switching between portrait and landscape mode. While Screen Rotation Lock is enabled, the following occurs:

  • The display remains in landscape or portrait mode, regardless of how iPad is held.
  • The Rotation Lock icon appears in the status bar.


When you mute your iPad, only certain sounds are muted.

  • Sounds such as alerts, notifications, sound effects, and game audio are muted.
  • Media playback (such as music, podcasts, movies, videos, and TV shows) are not muted.

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