FPC Connector for iPhone 4 4G Charger Dock

FPC Connector for iPhone 4 4G Mainboard

Below picture is FPC connector for iPhone 4 4g charger dock on Motherboard / Mainboard

FPC Connector for iPhone 4 4G Charger Dock

If you have ordered the FPC connector but don’t know how to replace the FPC connector on the iPhone, see the video below:

A fine tip soldering iron and a steady hand holding some quality tweezers A stereo microscope is almost necessary.

If you don’t have much soldering experience, I wouldn’t attempt it.

1) You’ll have to take it apart enough to have plenty or room around the connector to get in with the soldering iron. You do not want the iron to touch anything except the pin that you are working with. I would recommend taking it apart far enough to remove the battery. Soldering is always more successful if the job isn’t under power. The soldering iron is conductive, and so is the chrome bezel, so a momentary slip with a powered phone could cause additional damage.

2) Use some solder wick and carefully, without moving the wick or trying to rub the board, remove the solder from the old connector pins. It might help if you have a fine, needle-like tool to gently pop each pin up as you do them all one-by-one. You’ll need to exercise great care to ensure that you don’t lift any pads from the PCB. If that happens, the board is useless unless someone with VERY good skills makes the fine repair.

3) After all of the solder is removed and the pins are free, gently remove the old connector. It should lift freely, but there may be some gunk holding it down. When the connecter is removed, gently clean the area with alcohol and a cotton swab. Again, be careful of lifting any pads from the board.

4) Using the soldering iron and some fine solder, add a small amount of solder to ONE of the pads before placing the new connector. This will make it easier to start the rest of the job. Place the new connector into position on the board, and carefully heat the pad that you have previously prepped. The solder should hold the connector in place, allowing you to line everything up with one hand.

5) Solder the rest of the pins one-by-one. Take care to keep the solder from bridging across adjacent pins and shorting out your repaired connector.

6) Go back with solder wick and carefully remove some of the solder from each of the newly soldered pins. This will ensure that any hidden shorts that you might have are removed.

7) Clean the new solder with alcohol to remove the potentially corrosive flux. Reassemble the phone, and cross your fingers that it works.

There really aren’t any special instructions; you just have to have the skill and the tools to perform the job.

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