How-to Get iOS 5.0 SHSH Blobs using iFaith (for downgrade iOS purpose)

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If you don’t know SHSH Blobs, read What is SHSH Blobs and what is SHSH Blobs used for basic information.

iFaith allow you to get iPhone SHSH Blobs that are already on your iPhone. The difference between iFaith and TinyUmbrella is from its way to get SHSH Blobs.

TinyUmbrella: requesting SHSH Blobs to Apple server before saving the SHSH Blobs cache file locally for downgrade purpose in the future.
iFaith: getting SHSH Blobs that are already on the device, dump it, and save it locally for downgrade purpose in the future.

Let’s see a quick example:

Currently, the latest iOS version is 5.0.1 while I have iOS 5.0 installed on my iPhone 4. I don’t want to upgrade to iOS 5.0 because there is no news about untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1, only upcoming iOS 5.0 untethered jailbreak available. Hence I am still running iOS 5.0 on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
But now, iFaith can make iOS 5 downgrade possible by building signed IPSW.

Follow these steps to get SHSH Blobs for iOS 5.0 using iFaith.

  1. Check your iOS version and make sure it is 5.0 (9A334). If it is not, you can skip this tutorial because you are too late to get iOS 5.0 SHSH Blobs.
  2. Download iFaith and extract iFaith from the compressed file.
  3. Run iFaith and you will see a welcome message, click OK.

    iFaith SHSH Blobs Welcome

  4. Click Dump SHSH Blobs

    iFaith SHSH Blobs Menu

  5. You will see a message what iFaith will do. iFaith will grab all available SHSH Blobs that are ALREADY on your iDevice so you can use the SHSH Blobs to downgrade in the future.

    Click Proceed. After clicking Proceed button, you will see “Credit and Thanks” window, click Let’s go button to continue.

    iFaith Dump SHSH Blobs

  6. Click No if you are NOT dumping Apple TV 2. Click Yes on Are you dumping Apple TV 2 popup box if you are dumping Apple TV 2.

    iFaith Dumping Apple TV 2 SHSH Blobs

  7. iFaith will show you how-to enter DFU mode. Just follow the instruction to enter DFU mode and once you are in DFU mode, let the process running without interrupting it.

    iFaith SHSH Blobs DFU Mode

  8. After iFaith completely dumping SHSH blobs on your iDevice, you will be asked to save the SHSH cache file on your computer (locally). iFaith also has the backup of SHSH Blobs on the server.
    Select the location to save the file and click Save.

    iFaith Saving SHSH Blobs Cache

  9. You should see pop-up saying “iFaith has finished saving your SHSH Blobs” once the SHSH cache file has been saved on your computer.

    iFaith Finish SHSH Blobs

Now, you can use this SHSH Blobs to build custom IPSW then downgrade the iOS version with it. Drop your question on the comment box below if you have a problem while getting SHSH Blobs using iFaith.

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