A Glimpse at the Leaked iPad 5 Front Panel Features

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iPad 5 renderings

iPad 5 renderings

If you own an iPad,no matter whether it is a third or fourth generation, it must be safe to assume that if there was something you could tweak about the design, it would be to take off some few grams to make the device that much easier to hold in the hand. It would seem that the great minds at Apple have finally heeded this user sentiment as, if the latest leaked photos depicting the iPad 5 front panel are anything to go by, the soon to be a lunched iPad is a much lighter version of its previous reincarnations.

iPad 5 Digitizer

iPad 5 Digitizer

It seems that the new tablet’s display area will be the same as that of the retina iPad. However, the bezels of the frame are much narrower than those found on previous models. The device’s connectors have been changed to a Flexible Printed Circuit design that is already familiar to iPhone 4 and 5 users. Previous iPad versions have come with Flat Flexible cable connectors. A further small albeit revealing detail is that the front panel of the leaked device bears a stamp that reads “821-1892-02″, which is well in keeping with what Apple have used in designating their previous iOS devices.

iPad 5 leaked parts

All in all, the leaked photos seem to suggest that the new iPad 5 will look a lot like an enlarged iPad mini. The front panel is said to be big enough to accommodate a 9.7 inch screen. This is pretty close to what has come to be the standard for this brand of Apple tablets this far. Expert analysts expect that it will sport the highly sensitive touch properties thanks to indium oxide technology, the same as you will find on a current iPad Mini.
The leaks have left tech enthusiasts guessing how the new iPad will look and feel. However, photos are just that and the only way to get a feel of the device is when it is officially launched.

If the speculation is anything to go by, you won’t have too long to wait to find out.

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