Grid Lens | App Review: snap multiple photos into one picture

Being into photography [I am still a noob] has got me loving my iPhone 4S more and more [like if I didn’t love it enough already]. Having an 8MP camera that shoots extraordinary photos makes me want to expand on my use for it. Luckily I found this awesome app called Grid Lens available in the App Store for a low price of $0.99. This app allows you to take multiple photos and combine them as a grid. I must say it is an awesome app because it makes you be a little more creative after shooting photos so you can have a cool looking collage of photos!

Check out the video for my full review along with my thoughts.

App: Grid Lens
Price: $0.99 [Limited Time Only] 

If you are creative and have an imagination, you can create some cool photo collages!
Here is a grid I made for my gf! :P Haha Ya like??

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