How-to Hacktivate iPhone iOS 5 (Activate iPhone without SIM Card)

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How-to Hacktivate iPhone iOS 5

Did you get this notification either on iPhone or iTunes software while setting up the iPhone iOS 5?

Only Compatible SIM card from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone.
Please insert the SIM card that came withyour iPhone or visit a supported carrier’s
store to receive a replacement SIM card.

If you have the original SIM card of this iPhone, you can just insert it to the iPhone to continue the iPhone activation process.
But, if you don’t have the original SIM card where your iPhone locked to, you definitely will not be able to activate the iPhone. I have AT&T iPhone 4 and getting stuck on SIM Not Valid because I don’t have AT&T SIM Card. Hence, I cannot continue the iPhone activation process.

Activating iPhone

You will be stuck on Activating iPhone step without its Original SIM card

But don’t worry, because you can activate iPhone without SIM card by hacktivate (some people say hactivate) it using redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, or PwnageTool. These are jailbreak tools which support hacktivation. The other jailbreak tools like greenp0ison or JailbreakMe doesn’t support iPhone hacktivation.

What is hacktivation (hactivation)? Hacktivation is hacking your iPhone to ignore activation process.
By hakctivating the iPhone, you will be able to bypass iPhone activation setup on iOS 5, so you can use the iPhone as normal. Yeah, no more getting stuck on iPhone activation screen.

iPhone iOS 5 SIM Not Valid

SIM not valid. Only compatible SIM cards from supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone.

So, this is basically one of great benefits of jailbreak, for those who bought used iPhone, or getting iPhone as gift, but cannot activate the iPhone because no valid SIM card available to activate it.
If you don’t want to have Cydia installed, you can just hacktivate it without installing Cydia. But having an iPhone without Cydia is worthless in my opinion, that’s all up to you though.

The detailed guide how-to hacktivate iPhone with redsn0w is available on our How-to Jailbreak guide.
Find the appropriate guide according to your iPhone model and iOS version and just follow the instruction carefully, then you will be able to hacktivate iPhone 4S, hacktivate iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS iOS 5.

If you’re still getting “Only Compatible SIM card from a supported carrier…” message while activating the iPhone after jailbreak with the mentioned tools above, please drop a comment with detailed information.

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