The Holographic iPhone 6 Is A Dream Come True

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Concept Video – iPhone 6

We always have seen revolutionary products from Apple. That is the reason people believe and expect more from Apple. This is certainly the case for video maker “SET Solution” which has demonstrated a video which gives us an insight that the next iPhone will be Holographic display which will completely blow off your mind at first instance as this type of technology is talked off before, but haven’t been seen in the past. If this would happen then Apple would be back in competition giving the rival Samsung and Sony a run for their money. Also featuring in this video is advanced locking system.

Here is the video created by “SET Solution”

Holographic iPhones armed with pico projectors have been a favorite of concept makers since at least 2011, but some things never go out of style, as SET Solution proves with this stunning concept video of the holographic iPhone 6.

Source: @CultofMac

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