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Consumers are becoming used to searching for reviews when they shop online. Internet shoppers rank reviews as the most desired feature of a Web site, according to a recent survey by Forrester Research. “People want to talk among themselves,” says Jacqueline Anderson, a senior consultant at Forrester.

So here are some Holy Grail Screen Protector Bad Reviews from experienced users.

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  1. For nearly $40 I’d expect a bit more from the device. I contacted Sir Lancelot’s Armor customer service with the following email after the screen protector broke:


    On July 14th I purchased a black Holy Grail iPhone 5 Screen Protector from
    Amazon (order #: ***-*******-*******). (order number hidden in review only)

    Upon visiting the Warranty Claims webpage I see that there is an additional
    $8.95 charge, which on top of the original $36.99 (nearly $40!) means I
    would potentially pay even more for a product that broke after dropping my
    phone once.

    What’s the rationale behind the $8.95 charge? Clearly I could save that
    money and opt for a competitor product, such as Zagg Extreme Screen Protector,
    that cannot break. Additionally Zagg offers a free lifetime replacement

    I was expecting a lot more from the Holy Grail considering the financial
    investment made and testimonies viewed on the Sir Lancelot website.

    Thank you for any assistance with this matter.

    Four days later I received this reply:

  2. The screen cover is to protect the glass on your phone, so if the phone was dropped and the protector broke and your screen did not then it has served its purpose. A film cover would not have protected the screen from cracking. It costs over $150 to replace a screen on an iPhone. The $8.95 charge is simply to cover shipping.
  3. A very curt, matter-of-fact, un-customer service like reply.

    I used the Zagg Extreme (film based screen protector) for many years prior to purchasing the Holy Grail. The Zagg Extreme, in tandem with a phone case, have 100% prevented any and all visibly apparent damage to the phone when dropped multiple times. So the Sir Lancelot’s Armor customer service agent’s claim that “A film cover would not have protected the screen from cracking” is not completely true.

    I have since left a 1-star review on the Sir Lancelot’s Armor website, which is, conveniently, no longer there. I’m guessing that explains all of their glowing 5-star reviews. (The only reviews that seem to make the final cut.)

    Definitely will not purchase another Sir Lancelot’s Armor product.

    Review by C. Vaughn

  4. This review will be short as there’s not much more you need to know except this product is a waste of money. The one I bought (white for 5S) had two terrible features:

    1. Adhesive was weak, it literally FELL off in my purse, turning it into lint-covered protector. So I ordered another one.. SAME THING HAPPENED!! By the way, I had an electronics engineer technician friend install the screen, so I know this was not due to human error.

    2. The solid white screen does not allow for enough light to penetrate the day/night sensor on the top of the iPhone. The darn screen would darken and then be excessively bright, all at the most inappropriate times. Many times while using this protector I could not read the screen nor even find the call end button because it had gone dark suddenly!

    After this twice-failed experience, I bought the Spigen glass protector, regular thickness (not the super slim one). Much happier with the Spigen product, not a single complaint, and no more problems like those I experienced with the Holy Fail Glass Screen Protector.

    Review By honestreviewer

  5. At the bottom of the phone, by the button, the protector film would not stick. Tried reapplying it several times. Applied pressure. Tried to squeegee it. Eventually crumpled it up and threw it away.

    Review By Klaren

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