How-to Fix Apple iPhone 5S Screen

How can you fix your iPhone 5S Screen?

How-to Fix Apple iPhone 5S Screen
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A broken or defective iPhone 5S screen is not a big issue as far as its repairing is concerned. Apple is currently providing repair services for the iPhone 5S screen at many of the Apple Stores. But the most interesting thing about fixing the iPhone 5S Screen is that the owner himself can repair it with the help of certain nominal tools and simple instructions.

If you want to Do-It-Yourself iPhone 5S Screen Repair, the following how-to guide may help you to do so.

Tools required
You can get all these stuff in one package here: Get iPhone 5S (AT&T/Verizon/Sprint) Premium Screen Replacement & Repair Kit – Black or the white version here.

  • iPhone 5S replacement screen
  • Suction cup
  • 5 Point Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • Spudger tool
  • Standard #000 Screw Driver
  • Razor Blade
  • Opening tool of iSesamo which is optional but is excellent for getting under the adhesive and prying up the cables.


Instructions for repairing the iPhone 5S Screen

  • Firstly the iPhone 5S needs to be switched off
  • Then the broken display assembly should be removed carefully with the help of the suction cup- This is a very important activity and should be understood very carefully. The Suction cup has to be placed above the Home button and pulled up gently to create a gas between the screen and the lower base. Then with the help of the Spudger tool, the touch ID sensor should be disconnected to remove the entire screen apart. The #000 Screw driver is also required here to open up the 4 screws of the shield that covers the display cables.
  • Then the components of the old display screen have to be transferred to the new display screen. These components are the Home button system and the Touch ID Sensor, Front facing camera, the earpiece and the heat shield.
  • Then the new display screen well ornamented with all the old display’s component has to be fixed to the phone. This is not a very complicated job if the user has properly removed the screen from the base.

For a demonstration of this process videos are available online for reference. The owner can also follow the process of repair from the following video clip available in Youtube

Cost of repairing the screen in the Apple Stores

If the owner of the iPhone 5S does not wish to do the tedious repairing job on his own, then he can surely get it done in an Apple Store. The Store has all necessary replacement units and tools to fix the screen within an hour’s time. All the data and the apps of the iPhone remains secured with a real new luster added due to the new screen. The customer needs to pay around $149 if the iPhone is no longer under the warranty period. This may sound a bit expensive but if the owner is not bothered about the money and only quick services matter to him, then surely the Apple store is the best solution.

Expenses of repairing in the local mobile repairing stores

The broken screen of iPhone 5S night also be mended in the local mobile repairing shops but it may be a risky decision. The cost will be very nominal in comparison to that in the Apple Store. But doing the fixing in Apple Store is a better option than going to the local mobile repairing shop. Just be sure to visit a professional iPhone repair shop.

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