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How-to Activate, Configure, and Use iMessage on iPad

iMessage, one of the top 10 iOS 5 features that introduced on WWDC 2011, the BBM-like feature for Apple device users. It could even be BBM Killer, since you can use iMessage over Wi-fi, unlike its rival BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which only work over cellular data network.

There are still alot of people confused about iMessage usage, like
“How do I use iMessage?” “Where to download iMessage app?”
“How can I contact my friend using iMessage”
“I’m trying to send photos through iMessage to friends but I unable how to operate it”
and a lot of more confused question regarding iMessage feature on the iOS 5.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is messaging system for all iOS users including iPod and iPad. iMessage creates a way for all iOS users to communicate regardless of the device. So, iPhone is not only device which have Message app, but also iPod Touch and iPad will have Message app, starting from iOS 5.

What can I send through iMessage?

Text message is not the only thing that you can send using iMessage. You can also send photos, videos, contacts, and locations to friends with iMessage-enabled on their device.

So, what do I need to do in order to use iMessage?

Is there iMessage app? Is it available on iTunes store for free?
iMessage is integrated feature on Message app, which available only for iPhone on older firmware version
than iOS 5.
So, you don’t need additional app for iMessage, it’s already integrated in message app on iOS 5.

In order to send and receive text, photos, videos using iMessage, you need to install iOS 5 to your device then you will have Message app with iMessage-enabled feature. You can only send iMessage content to contacts with iMessage-enabled.

So, both parties must be using iOS 5 and enabled iMessage in settings, also providing Apple ID email for iMessage.

However, iOS 5 is currently only available in beta version, for developers only. You can
download iOS 5 beta from this page.
So, please subscribe to get updates when iOS 5 released for public and general users.

Activate iMessage on iOS 5

Once you have iOS 5 installed, you’re automatically eligible to use iMessage. However, iMessage feature needs to be activated through the settings.

Follow these steps to activate iMessage:
Tap Settings → Messages

You will be asked to enter Apple ID.
You need to sign in with your Apple ID to activate iMessage.
If you have iTunes account, it means your Apple ID.
Enter your Apple ID email and password then tap Sign In.

Enter Apple ID for iMessage

Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data network to verify your Apple ID.

Next, iMessage will ask you for an email address for iMessage.

People will message you using your email address. So, when your buddies are asking for your iMessage
email, tell them the one that you will submit here. You can change this email later.

Email for iMessage

Now, you will have option to turn ON/OFF iMessage in Settings.
Turn ON the Send Read Receipts to activate read notification. By turning on this option, you will allow the others to be notified when you have read their messages.
Receive At option will let you change the contact address of your iMessage identification. There also Show Subject Field option.

Email for iMessage

How-to send text, photos, etc using iMessage?

Add the iMessage email of your friends into contacts. This email must be the one which registered for iMessage.
Open Messages app and tap New Message icon on the top right corner.
Select the contact by tapping the + button.
Choose your contact from contact lists. The contact with blue bubble on the right is the one which available for iMessage-ing.
Contact iMessage-enabled

While you are sending through iMessage, the Send button and contact bubble turns out to be blue. It tells you that you gonna send the message, photos, videos, or contacts by using iMessage.

iMessage Color Blue

But, when the send button and contact bubble turned to be green, it means that the contact doesn’t have iMessage email attached in contacts info, or the contacts has never activated the iMessage.
Then, you are going to sending text message using normal SMS text.

iMessage Color is not green

See complete iMessage tutorial for iPhone

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