How-to Exit DFU mode on iPhone

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This tutorial will guide you how-to exit DFU mode on iPhone, no matter which model, iPhone 2G (first generation), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4. It also applies to other Apple devices, such as iPod touch, and iPad.

exit iPhone DFU Mode

When the iPhone in DFU mode, the iPhone screen will remain black as it turned off. But, if you hold down the power (sleep/wake) button for a few seconds to turn the iPhone on, it will not turned on.

In order to get the iPhone out of DFU mode, you just need to follow this guide:

Hold down the power (sleep/wake button)
iPhone Sleep/Wake button


Hold down the home button
iPhone Sleep/Wake button

You must hold down both buttons together until an apple logo appear on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad screen. Once apple logo appears on the screen, you can release both buttons and let the iPhone booting.

Watch tutorial how-to exit DFU mode on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad:

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