How-to Use Find My iPhone feature, activation, usage, tutorial. Get back your lost/stolen iPhone/iPad!

Find My iPhone lets you easily locate a missing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a map, though Find My iPhone not available in all countries, but it’s widely used worldwide, mostly in the United States.

When you lost iPhone or you lost your new iPad, you can have your iPhone/iPad play a sound and display a message to help someone return it to you, or you can remotely lock iPhone screen or wipe all of personal data on the iPhone to protect your privacy. To locate missing/stolen iPhone, simply use this Find My iPhone feature.

If you are still using iOS 4, find my iPhone is an additional app means that you will need to install Find My iPhone app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from iTunes Apps Store.

However, starting from iOS 5, Find My iPhone service has been integrated which can be activated from Settings.app.

Setup Find My iPhone feature

Before you can use Find My iPhone feature, we suggest you to install iOS 5, the latest software for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. However, older versions like iPhone 3G and 1st-generation iPhone is not compatible with iOS 5 and you can use Find My iPhone app instead.

Once you have installed iOS 5/updated iPhone software to iOS 5, make sure to use your Apple ID to Set Up iCloud.

If you ignore this step or have no idea whether you activated the iCloud or not, you can tap Settings → iCloud and then enter your Apple ID.

Hit Find My iPhone in iCloud settings and make sure it’s turned on now.

The next step is, go back to Settings → tap Location Services, and again, tap Find My iPhone and make sure that Find My iPhone is now turned on.

Okay, now you have Find My iPhone on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch activated.

How-to Use Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is now active on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. So, how do you find a lost iPhone with Find My iPhone feature activated?

Without Find My iPhone feature service activated, you won’t be able to find your lost iPhone. The iCloud settings allows you to display a message, play a sound on the lost iPhone, set a passcode lock, or even wipe the iPhone to erase all data in order to protect your privacy, all can be done remotely.
In case your iPhone is set to silent mode, it will still playing a sound when send a command to play sound and will always play at full volume.

At the same time, location services lets you to identify the current location of the lost iPhone, last time seen, even with more detailed information.

To perform all of these features, go to find my iphone login portal on www.icloud.com using a computer and you must login with Apple ID as you used in iCloud when you were setting it up.

You can open “Find My iPhone” portal on Windows, Mac, or Linux, as long as you have browser such as Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome to access www.icloud.com

If you want to find the lost iPhone mobile, you should take another iDevice (iPad/another iPhone) with you and you must have Find My iPhone app installed from iTunes Apps Store. That way you can track the stolen/lost iPhone easier without having to take any computer with you.

Of course, both of the devices (the lost and the tracker one) will need an Internet connection in order to get it works.

From the iCloud.com, you will see list of devices belongs to you under the same Apple ID.

Now you can identify the location your stolen iPad/iPhone by clicking on the location as shown on the map.
Since it uses Google Maps technology, you’ll be able to see the maps in Satellite, Map, or Hybrid mode.

In case you found out that the lost iPhone / lost iPad is offline, you’ll have an option to get an email when the iPhone/iPad is found.

Well, Find My iPhone makes you easier to find a lost / find a stolen iPhone and we encourage you to have it activated to prevent any lose.

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These are just a piece of Find My iPhone benefits you can earn, if you don’t want ever “just” lose your iPhone! If you have your own interesting stories with Find My iPhone service, please share with us!

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