Install iOS 5

How-to Install iOS 5

Install iOS 5

I will keep this guide quite simple.

Download iTunes 10.5 for Windows or iTunes 10.5 for Mac and install iTunes 10.5 to your computer.

Step by step how-to Install iOS 5:

Connect the device to the computer and open iTunes.
Click Check for Update

Install iOS 5
Click Restore button
Click HelpCheck for Updates on iTunes menu to get iOS 5 software update.

Click Next, Accept Agreement and iOS 5 installation will be started.

If somehow the iOS 5 software update not showing-up, you can download iOS 5 IPSW directly from Apple’s server and save the IPSW file to your computer. Download iOS 5 IPSW file.

Then, click Shift+Restore button on iTunes and select the IPSW file which you just saved on the computer. The iOS 5 installation will be started then.

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