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If you want to rotate apps icons on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, there’s a tweak for that.

IconRotator Cydia Tweak Rotate Springboard Icons

Rotate Springboard Icons with IconRotator Cydia Tweak

As you can see on the picture above, IconRotator cydia tweak lets you to rotate apps icons to landscape mode or upside down just as you wish. You’ll be able to flip springboard just about any way, any direction.
Though, it’s not actually rotate apps, but only rotate springboard icons. Not only apps icons on the home screen, but also rotates apps icons inside folders as well as apps in App Switcher.

However, one thing you should is that this cydia tweak will have a conflict with Graviboard, if you have it installed on your iDevice. When you’re trying to invoke Graviboard and rotate the device to make your icons flow with gravity, will reset the icon layout back to its original state and do its thing of rotating the icons.

Watch IconRotator Cydia Tweak in action

Name: IconRotator
Author: Ryan Petrich
Repository: Rpetri.ch Repo
Cost: Free Cydia Tweak

Well, it’s really worth free Cydia tweaks to install. One of the best cydia tweaks!

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