[Tips] Improve iPhone Call Quality on iOS7 (100x better)

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How-to Improve iPhone Call Quality on iOS 7? Read the following tips to make a better call on iPhone.

BGR Tech News has released a short guide that can be found below on how to change the quality of your calls by using the FaceTime audio system introduced in iOS 7, your calls can now be enhanced without background noise getting in the way of what is really important: voice.

[Tips] Improve iPhone Call Quality on iOS7 (100x better)

iPhone Call Quality

In iOS 7, Apple introduced a feature called FaceTime audio that offers sound quality that is far better than anything we had ever experienced before on the iPhone. It makes people’s voices sound more like, well, people’s voices. FaceTime audio works just like regular FaceTime calling; you can make a call to anyone with an iOS device that’s running iOS 7, and it’s completely free because it uses your data plan or Wi-Fi to make calls.
Taking advantage of FaceTime audio is easy, since it is built into the operating system. However, Apple doesn’t automatically switch phone calls to FaceTime audio calls as it does with iMessages (likely because of potentially high data usage). As a result, people might not be aware of the new feature or how to use it.
How do you do it? From within the Contacts or the Phone app, simply tap on the phone icon next to FaceTime and you’ll be connected right away.
That’s it!

You can also initiate FaceTime audio calls from within the Messages app. Here’s how:

  1. While having a conversation in the Messages app, you can scroll to the top and tap the Contact button in the upper right.
  2. You will then see a phone icon, a video icon, and an info icon. The video icon will start a FaceTime video call, and the info icon will take you to that person’s contact card. Tap the phone icon.
  3. This will bring up the option to make either a phone call or a FaceTime audio call. Tap the FaceTime Audio button to begin a FaceTime audio call.

These simple easy steps allow for your calls become clearer by taking advantage of the new FaceTime audio system that is grouped in the FaceTime app. It is basically FaceTime without the video.

Instead of pressing on the call symbol, use the FaceTime symbol and turn off video. This will completely change the quality of the conversation. For more on the original guide read here.

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