Improve iPhone 4S battery on iOS 5.0.1 by Reset All Settings

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iOS 5.0.1 was released to fix battery drain that happened to most iPhone users. It didn’t resolve the iOS 5 battery drain much, not even better. Some iPhone users over Apple Discussion Forum even reported worse battery life on iOS 5.0.1. Nonetheless some iPhone users satisfied with iOS 5.0.1 performance with or without default settings.

So, for those unlucky users that still having bad battery performance on their devices after updating to iOS 5.0.1, here are a few tips to improve battery performance on, but not limited to, iPhone 4S.

  • Tap SettingsGeneralReset and select Reset All Settings
    This will only resetting all settings. Your data such as email, contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, apps, none of them will be removed. So, it’s safe for every one. You will only loose your settings such as wi-fi password and settings, wallpaper, brightness, etc.

    Reset All Settings to fix iOS 5.0.1 battery

  • Once you’ve done reset all settings, you will start over the setup again, like Language, Country, Wi-Fi Networks. But, when you asked to Set Up as a new iPhone or Restore, you should select Set Up as a new iPhone. DO NOT restore from iCloud Backup or iTunes.

    Setup As New iPhone to Fix iOS 5.0.1 Battery

  • Turn OFF Location System Services (SettingsLocation ServicesSystem Services), Diagnostics & Usage, Location-based iAds, and Setting Time Zone. Or, you can simply disable location services (in case you don’t need this feature).

    iOS 5 System Services Settings

  • Now, fully discharge battery (until you get the spinning wheel and the iPhone shuts off)
    iPhone Spinning Wheel
  • When iPhone shuts off, fully recharge the iPhone (overnight if possible)

With this tips, you can test how your iPhone battery performance goes. Many iPhone users reporting great performance after trying this method. The others also saying they need to fully discharge then recharge the battery cycle two times to have optimized result.

You should give it a try if you are suffering from battery drain problem on iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 installed. Anyway, you should stay on iOS 5.0 for untethered jailbreak, because iOS 5.0.1 takes longer to have untethered jailbreak. You can also wait iOS 5.0.2 soon for better battery fix and improved siri.

Hope it works!

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