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Install Siri on iPhone 4 Without Proxy with AssistantConnect Cydia Tweak

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There have been many tweaks available out in Cydia allowing you to install Siri on older devices, but it has always been a hassle. Now, there is an easy and hassle free way to install Siri on an unsupported iDevice without setting up a proxy server. I present you with AssistantConnect & AssistantConnect4S! These two are Cydia tweaks available for download for free. The only downside is you will NEED to have your own or a friend’s Jailbroken iPhone 4S. Reason being is you will need to have the data files from the iPhone 4S e-mailed and opened on the device you’re installing Siri on. It is a piece of cake!


  • Jailbroken iPhone 4S
  • iDevice running iOS 5 or later
  • Spire
  • AssistantConnect [installed on Siri Unsupported Device]
  • AssistantConnect4S [installed on iPhone 4S]

Tweak: Spire
Description: simple installer for Siri on any iPhone or iPod
Requirements: iOS 5
Repo: BigBoss
Price: FREE
Developer: chpwn

Tweak[s]: AssistantConnect & AssistantConnect4S
Description: Easily activate Siri on any iDevice using AssistantConnect
Requirements: iOS 5 or later & iPhone 4S
Repo: BigBoss
Price: FREE
Developer: Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad


[STEP 1]

  • Install AssistantConnect4S on iPhone, and Open AssistantConnect4S and Reboot your iPhone 4S

[STEP 2]

  • After Reboot, re-open AssistantConnect4S and activate Siri. [say whatever here]

[STEP 3]

  • Press the button in AssistantConnect4S and email it to the device you are installing Siri on

[STEP 4]

  • Install AssistantConnect & Spire on unsupported iDevice

[STEP 5]

  • Open e-mail that was sent from iPhone 4S on unsupported iDevice and tap on “Open with AssistantConnect”

Try out Siri! :]

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