Introducing iPhone 6 commercial (ad video)

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Introducing iPhone 6 commercial (ad video)

Introducing iPhone 6 commercial (ad video)

Below is a video of iPhone 6 commercial (unofficial) and the Apple iPhone 6 in the video looks like a slick phone with only a home button with speaker, USB, earphone inputs and volume adjusters. The picture resolution looks perfect and the screen is 4.7inch. Has both front and rear camera; and the rear is a double cam. To the eyes the phone looks super light.

The iPhone 6 in the introducing iPhone 6 commercial video below has a dark gold colour, it is 6.52cm wide, 0.6cm thick and the height is 13.27cm and this is a super great iPhone 6. The phone display is of a super-strong sapphire crystal and the processor is a dual core 64bit A8 CPU.

The iPhone 6 in the video ad also has an improved touch ID and this can only keep becoming better and better. The camera has 10 megapixels with an f/1.8 aperture lens.

These new iphone 6 features in the video are breathtaking and one can only wish that this is the iPhone 6 we have all been waiting for. This makes this iPhone 6 worth every single penny it is the real deal.

Will the new iphone 6 have a projector? Probably not, but you can check out the new iphone 6 with a projector feature in this video concept: (Concept Video) The future of iPhone 6

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