iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak coming soon?

As we all know by now, iOS 5 only has a tethered jailbreak available at the moment. This tethered jailbreak has been available for quite some time now since the iOS 5 betas & GM versions. Now, you may be asking why don’t we have a untethered jailbreak by now?

Pod2g, an iPhone hacker, discoverer of exploits and member of Chronic Dev Team, has recently tweeted saying:

Hey jail breaking friends, I’ve found a bug that can untether iOS 5. Don’t expect a release soon, but I’m gonna work hard in it.

So, with that being said, I believe we should be getting an untethered jailbreak sometime in the near future!

Pod2g hasn’t given any ETA but has promised to work hard on it to get it out as soon as possible.

Current iOS 5 jailbreak is tethered-boot only, meaning you’ll have to connect your device to your computer every time you need to restart it. If you’ve got a supported iOS 5 device, you can jailbreak it using Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze.
[How to Jailbreak iOS 5 & iOS 5.0.1 here]

Even though a tethered jailbreak is not very pleasant but there is a bit of a solution: SemiTether package from Cydia allows you to reboot your device with limited functionality so that your phone doesn’t become a total brick when you’re out of juice . You can follow our guide to jailbreak semi-tethered on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

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