How much is iPad 4 cost? Check out the iPad 4G price!

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How much is iPad 4 cost?

The latest Apple iPad is powered by a new and improved A6X processor, it’s a powerhouse, said Phil, offering double performance of A5X processor found on iPad 3. It also gets big changes for wireless performance with LTE support which will result in users being able to get the iPad 4G through the EE 4G network.

Apple iPad 4th gen

Apple iPad 4th gen

Wi-Fi has also been upgraded, so that it supports 802.11n dual-band, operating on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and more iPad 4 specifications can be seen on SenseiPhone’s previous posts.

What’s the iPad 4G price?

Apple iPad 4th gen price starts at $629 for the 16 GB version. The price point is essentially the same as before. The 32 GB model is $729 and the 64 GB model is $829 while the iPad 4 base version (Wi-Fi 16GB) will cost the same $499.

Find out how much is iPad 4 cost in USD below:

iPad 4G price WiFi models

iPad 4G price (Wi-Fi) 16GB is $499.00
iPad 4G price (Wi-Fi) 32GB is $599.00
iPad 4G price (Wi-Fi) 64GB is $699.00

Apple iPad 4G costs

Apple iPad 4G costs $629.00 for Wi-Fi+Celluar 16GB version
Apple iPad 4G costs $629.00 for Wi-Fi+Celluar 32GB version
Apple iPad 4G costs $629.00 for Wi-Fi+Celluar 64GB version

Are you gonna get the 4th-gen iPad at such pricetag?

How much iPad 4 cost for WiFi+Cellular versioniPad 4 Price (Wi-Fi version)

According to CNET, the Apple Store on Stockton Street in San Francisco will take back iPad 3 –no serious signs of wear and tear– bought in the last 30 days that show. Normally, Apple’s return policy gives consumers only four days to return their iPads, so this should help some people felt “cheated” by the iPad 4 announcement.

It applies only to Stockton Street store and you will need to call your local stores to find out if you’re eligible for the same accommodation.

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