Apple iPad Air

How much is iPad Air price?

How much is iPad Air price?

Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air

It’s iPad day we’ve been looking for Apple to announce their new iPad design, thinner and lighter overall, entirely revamped and it’s called iPad Air.

Some people probably will call it out this fifth-generation iPad as iPad 5.

What’s new with this iPad Air?

It’s 20% thinner compared to iPad 4, the bezels are 43% thinner and its weight is just about 1 pound (and 1.05 pounds)

What processor is inside iPad Air?

iPad Air features a 64-bit A7 processor, which is absolutely much faster than the iPad 4.

Meanwhile, we don’t see much improvement about the camera, it features the same 5MP camera sensor on the rear, with 1080p video recording, an improved FaceTime HD camera, dual microphones and more.

When is the iPad Air release date?

It will be available on November 1st worldwide.

How much is iPad Air will cost you?

iPad Air Wifi 16GB: $499
iPad Air Wifi 32GB: $599
iPad Air Wifi 64GB: $699
iPad Air Wifi 128GB: $799

iPad Air Wifi+Cellular 16GB: $629
iPad Air Wifi+Cellular 32GB: $729
iPad Air Wifi+Cellular 64GB: $829
iPad Air Wifi+Cellular 128GB: $929

Which one will you get in hand?

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