iPad Mini Picture

How much is iPad Mini Price?

On Tuesday, the company revealed the iPad Mini, with a screen that’s about two-thirds the size of the full-size model and you can start placing orders for the iPad mini on Friday.

iPad Mini Picture
iPad Mini Picture

The price fits into the Apple product lineup between the iPad 2 at $399 and the latest version of the iPod touch at $299.

The iPad Mini features 7.9 inches (20 centimetres) screen on the diagonal, making it larger than the 7-inch screens of the competitors. It also sports two cameras, on the front and on the back, which the competitors don’t. The screen resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels, the same as the iPad 2 and a quarter of the resolution of the third-generation iPad.

‘It’s not just a shrunken down iPad, it’s an entirely new design,’ Schiller said.

So, how much is iPad mini price?

iPad Mini Price
iPad Mini Price

Analysts had been expecting Apple to price the iPad Mini at $250 to $300 to counter their table competitors like Amazon Kindle Fire, which starts at $159, or Google Nexus 7 tablet for $199 and up.

iPad mini price stars $329 for Wi-Fi version 16GB, $429 for 32GB version and $529 for 64GB version, while the Wi-Fi +Cellular version starts $459 for 16GB, $559 for 32GB and $659 for 64GB version.

Will you buy the iPad mini at such price?

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