iPad goes Pro at 12.9-inch Screen

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iPad goes Pro at 12.9-inch Screen

iPad goes Pro at 12.9-inch Screen

iPad goes Pro at 12.9-inch Screen

If you are one of those who wish the iPad would get a little bigger, you might be getting that wish fulfilled soon. News is that Apple is on the way to launching the iPad Pro which would be larger than the 9.8 inch iPad Air tablet that was launched in November last year. After the iPad Mini series was launched, there was speculation that the company might go the other way and cater to those who want the tablet bigger to compensate for a laptop in every sense of the term.

Indeed, as is seen in this video, the iPad Pro is as sleek as it gets with a nearly thirteen inch display screen.

You can set it up as a laptop with a wireless mouse and a keypad and your laptop will soon be gathering dust in the cupboard shelves. Even in its larger version, the iPad Pro will easily fit into a junior school backpack.

The display screen of 12.9 inches would have UHD resolution display where images can be viewed at 3840×2160 pixels. That makes it at par with UHD TVs and the highest resolution tablet to be created as yet. But we may not see the iPad pro released in 2014.

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