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There are already news from popular media companies that the next iPad or perhaps the bigger iPad won’t be available this year as Apple has shifted the date of production of bigger iPads which has led to delay in the final product which is rumored to be iPad Pro. Here is a very interesting article posted in tabtimes which says about 3 features he thinks should be there in the next iPad should have. The first one is bigger screen which is but obvious as all other people are saying about. The second is very interesting one which is more features which is seen in Android tablets and also multi-tasking which is currently not present in iPad. The last one is perhaps very interesting as it talks about Dual Boot of iOS and OS X.

Here is the article posted in tabtimes

Apple’s future always seems to be in doubt. Rumors continue to swirl, the company continues to ignore all requests for comment, and all the while, it’s working on a host of new products no one on the outside can ever be quite sure are real or will ever be released.

 Nowhere is that more apparent than in any discussion surrounding an iPad Pro.

When Apple launched the iPad Air last year, the company tried to focus the announcement on its slim, lightweight design and how it enhanced the tablet experience for users. The subtext, however, suggested that Apple would deliver a new tablet at some point in the near future that would be known as the iPad Pro.

The reasoning behind the claim comes from the company’s MacBook line. Apple offers both a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro, with the latter offering enhanced components. The MacBook Air is generally cheaper, while the MacBook Pro will set customers back a bit more, depending on their device choice.

Although Apple hasn’t confirmed this is the case, it appears possible that the company could unveil an iPad Pro this year. After all, Apple doesn’t simply throw around branding terms for no reason, and it’s safe to say that the iPad Air was a small, iterative update over its predecessor, and not a groundbreaking addition to the tablet market. The iPad Pro, therefore, might take that crown and lead Apple’s tablet effort into the next year.

Assuming that’s the case, I thought it a good idea to share some thoughts on what I’d like to see from Apple if and when the iPad Pro is announced. From a bigger display to additional features, if Apple can follow my plan, the iPad Pro could be the device we’ve all been seeking all these years.

Source: @TabTimes

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