iPad 2 sales data on eBay (Infographic)


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the infographic of iPad 2 sales data on eBay

. Before Apple release the official number of iPad 2 sold by Apple, we can see the total iPad 2 sales data on eBay within 2 weeks since launched.

Below is the chart information of iPad 2 Global demand and sales revealed by eBay this morning.

iPad 2 sales data 2011

This data based on listings sold on through U.S. eBay.com site from 3/11/2011 to 3/24/2011 from eBay Market Data. This mean only two-weeks periods. There has been more than 9,000 iPad 2 sold via eBay within 2 weeks from United States. This information excludes the other countries sales because iPad 2 released in some other countries in 25th March.
People who bought iPad 2 in the United States exported the iPad 2, since the iPad 2 had not released in other countries yet.

The most export destinations are Canada, Russian, followed by Hong Kong and Japan.
Don’t ask the price, of course you will find a few hundreds bucks more expensive than iPad 2 Official price.
So, basically you will earn hundreds for an iPad 2, mean you can earn thousands for ten iPad 2 (exclude eBay fees for seller).

Alos, the number was increased to 65%, compared to 2010 total sales, 35% –almost two times.

iPad sales data eBay 2010

As you can see, the top 10 importing countries for 50% of all iPads sold on eBay on 2010 were United Kingdom, Canada, followed by Norway, Netherlands, Russia, and other countries as you can see in the chart.

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? Considering to sell your iPad 2 on eBay?

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