ipad 3 squaretrade ipad 2 drop test

iPad 3 vs iPad 2 Drop Test

Another drop test of Apple products. Last year, we posted a video of Samsung vs iPhone 4S drop test. But here now, a drop test between two Apple products, iPad 2 and iPad 3 (The New iPad).

ipad 3 squaretrade ipad 2 drop test

Watch the droptest video between iPad 2 and iPad 3

Unfortunately, ALL of their drop tests do not show the screen before the critical drop. They could have swapped the device with an already broken one. You cannot trust a test 100% when they cut the video and don’t show the display before the critical drop because it is either upside down or zoomed out too much.

Why iPad 3 screen suffered much more damage? Because more people will use squaretrade insurance to cover their iPad 3 damage after seeing this video, the new Apple’s device the recently has sold more than 3 millions just in a few days. Marketing crap, IMO.

What do you think?

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