iPhone 5 and a budget iPhone 4 rumored for China Telecom

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China Telecom LogoSohu.com has recently released a report that China’s third largest mobile network, China Telecom will not just have the iPhone 5 but will also have a budget/simplified iPhone 4. 66% of mobile profits for China Telecom come from the current iPhone already so a budget iPhone 4 will make Apple even more dominant. In fact it is predicted that a budget iPhone 4 could bring in up to $30 billion for the company.

Currently China Telecom are the only Chinese network that are carrying the iPhone but leaks show that another even bigger network, China Mobile may get the iPhone soon. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer was also seen visiting the China Mobile headquarters back in June.

A cheaper iPhone tailored to the emerging markets have been around for some time and with the iPhone 5 launch getting close the rumors have skyrocketed. This would replace the typical Apple way of selling last years model at a discounted price. The iPhone 3GS has reportedly is outselling many newer Android devices on the AT&T network.

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