iPhone 5 Parody, Joke

The iPhone 5 (Parody) Commercial: A Taller Change Than Expected

Since its first release, the iPhone always had that well known 3.5 inch display. It was a vision of Steve Jobs’ that a phone should look like that, no matter how advance it may be inside. New Apple CEO obviously doesn’t feel like that, so the new iPhone 5 is extended to 4 inches.

iPhone 5 Parody Commercial
iPhone 5 Parody Commercial

That change has not been accepted the way Apple wanted to be, as people are making fun of the new iPhone 5 worldwide, including this hilarious iPhone 5 parody.

Regardless to that, other people are still buying it like crazy. I guess it is a matter of style and fashion rather than use or quality.

All jokes aside, new 4 inch display on the new iPhone is truly amazing. Display runs on LED-backlit IPS TFT technology (if you are new to all this terms, let’s say it’s all great and vivid), and with the resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels, it makes one hell of a combination. Considering the competition many would guess that the new iPhone will have HD screen resolution, but well…

What about this iPhone 5 joke?

iPhone 5 Parody, Joke

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