iPhone 6 Release Date: Patent Sightings Hint New Smarphone is More Than Upgrade of iPhone 5S

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Specifications of Galaxy S5 & iPhone 6

There is a lot of buzz for the next generation Apple smartphone on when it is going to be released. As per the latest information available, the Cupertino giant is all set to launch Apple iPhone 6 in the second half of this year. The dates will be similar to that of the last year launches. It is expected to have a single iPhone this time with a bigger screen and other cool specifications. We have to see whether this iPhone would be a trend setter in the market or not.

As per the News Reported on International Business Times

Patent sightings over the last few weeks have revealed lots of things related to Apple’s upcoming products. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Cupertino giant the patent (number 8,666,034) for “Audio call screening for hosted voicemail systems,” which will allow a user to screen messages being left at a hosted voicemail system from a telephone terminal, allowing him or her to take the decision on whether to take the call or not.

United States Patent Application number 20140055483 under “Computer User Interface System and Methods” has suggested that Apple is all set to take its next-generation smartphone to a whole new level. This technology, which is expected to be introduced in iPhone 6, will let users control their devices from a certain distance without actually touching them with the help of sensors that recognise movements, gestures, distance, depth proximity and location.

Source: @International Business Times

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