iPhone 6 Release Update: Leaked Front Panel Photos Show A Bigger Screen

Image Source: www.nowhereelse.fr

From this iPhone 6 leaked parts, it looks like they stripped the ink off of all four sides of the display area to create an enlarged display area with the same aspect ratio. That explains why the home button opening is off-center of the blacked out area. Apple would never place the home button asymmetrically.


There are been numerous leaks for Apple iPhones and each rumor and leaks are portraying something different about the next big thing. From this leak revealed by NoWhereElse it tells us that the next iPhone would be definitely bigger in size and wouldn’t have any bezel around the corner which gives a more like a Nexus type look. It will be interesting to see how the Cupertino Giant will able to match up the competition of its rival Samsung Galaxy S5 which was recently launched in Mobile World Congress.

As per the News Reported by International Business Tech

Also, it has been reported that Apple will be having bigger screens for iPhone 6. Two variants were previously rumored, which could be 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. But in the photo, iPhone 6 screen does not come close to the smaller version of the rumored iPhone 6, which at best it is around 4.2 inches. Although it is hard to determine the size of iPhone 6 in the photo, it is easy to compare it with iPhone 5s whose size was already available.

In spite of the questionable authenticity of the photo, this recent leak gives us an idea of the possible look of the much anticipated iPhone 6. The paint of the glass on iPhone 5 touchscreen was cleverly stripped, which means that the images are more likely fakes.

Source: @Internetional Business Tech

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